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Great News For GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) Lovers and Map Info and features

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As all of us is waiting for upcoming game of Rockstar which is GTA V. Although it isn't conformed by Rockstar but some of its information which i want to share with you all.

GTA V Characters:

There is going to be three different characters in GTA V Trevor, Franklin and Michael with their own personality, skills and motivation. You'll be able to customize your character totally different from Gta San Andreas.

GTA V Features:

It will feature cars, Bikes, Dirt Bikes, ATVs, Planes, Helicopters, Jet skis and trucks. GTA V based in Los Santos whose map is bigger than GTA IV, RDR and San Andrea combined. You can also explore the underwater sections of city. As Rockstar promised that GTA V graphics will be better than GTA IV with more clear details, better lighting and also improvements in shading effects. Another cool thing is that Physics and Handling is going to be better so car can hold the ground better.
You can also switch between characters during missions. It is also mentioned that alot of side missions are added in V like Gollf, Yoga, Tennis and Triathlons. Animals is also featured For Example dong jumps on fence when someone walks by. Shooting mechanics and melee combat will be better in GTA V.

Pre Order:

GTA V is now officially available for Pre-Order on Rockstart official website.

For More Information about Grand Theft Auto V check Rockstart's official website

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