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Best And Easy To Use Adsense Ads Placing Plugins For WordPress

Posted By: Kak Niazi - Thursday, November 22, 2012


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Best Adsense Ads placing plugin in WP

Quick Adsense:

I have also worked with WordPress so i had a little experience with that too.
First of all there are no. of themes available in WordPress which are Adsense ready but if you like a theme with no space for Ads in it then you should probably need some plugin to do that work for you.First of all your plugin should be easy to use and perfectly working.
I recommend you to Download Quick Adsense, it is free and rated 4 out of 5 on WordPress website. Most of wp users are using it with full satisfaction.

How to Install:

It is very easy to install, just go to plugin section from your WordPress admin panel and search for Quick Adsense and install it or you can just download a .zip file from Here, just upload this .zip file via WordPress Admin Panel >> Plugins >> Upload

Quick Adsense Benefits:

Quick Adsense gives you fully control on your Ads, you can put them where ever you want. Place your ads between posts and get high click rate whether putting ads on sides.
It is fully customizable just copy and paste ads in it and Quick Adsense will done all other work for you.

Ad Injection WP Plugin

This is another plugin that also allows you to put ads inside post and give you access that Quick Adsense may not give you. Ad Injection is very easy to use, you'll need to search for this plugin from Ad New plugin. If you find it in search than click and install it. If you're unable to find it in search result then Click Here. It will bring you to its official page on Wordpress. Download it from there and go to plugin ad new section and click on upload. Make you not to unzip it, because WordPress install it directly with .zip file. After installing you will be able to place ads as you wish.


If you're using Google Adsense than make sure not to put more than 3 ads per page. You can read it also in Google Adsense policy. If you put more than 3 ads then Google will simply ban you so this one is very strict policy.

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  1. Yes. Quick Adsense is really working well for me too but on some of my blogs i am now using "wp insert" it is more simple and easy for me to use. thanks for sharing.


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